Neutered Male
2 Years 6 Months
Mobility Issues in Rear Legs and Incontinent

Mr. Jeremy Fisher is Sponsored by: Lia Marks

SNAP Cats rescued Mr. Jeremy Fisher from Cairo, Egypt. Mr. Jeremy Fisher is a love bug! Occasionally he gets a bit overstimulated, but he’s getting much better as time goes on. Mr. Fisher’s mobility issues in his rear legs stem from malformed hip sockets, that are too big and, with time, have hollowed out even more. When he first arrived, all Mr. Fisher could do is swim/scoot with his back legs. However, now he stands and walks and climbs furniture, stairs and cat trees! He's made amazing progress here. That said, Mr. Fisher should be an indoor-only kitty. Please come by to meet Mr. Jeremy Fisher. His eyes are even more amazing in person!

BTW – Mr. Jeremy Fisher gets his name from Beatrice Potter’s book, The Tales of Mr. Jeremy Fisher. Read the book and you’ll discover why!

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