Neutered Male
4 Years 3 Months
Mobility Issues in Rear Legs and Incontinent

Ernie is Sponsored by: Christina Siegmund

SNAP Cats rescued Ernie from Bakersfield, CA. Ernie is the bestest kitty ever! He’s very outgoing, loves to sit in your lap, and loves to play with other cats. Ernie was born with neurological damage to his lower spine. He has very limited use of his back legs and is incontinent. But that doesn’t slow Ernie down! He scoots and plays with the best of them.

Ernie is a very high-maintenance kitty. In addition to changing his SNAP Wraps dipes once a day (expressing him helps cut down on the changes) he also wants/needs your attention a lot! Ernie needs at least one other kitten/cat to play with. If you think you can handle Ernie please let us know. He’s an adorable sweetheart looking for someone to dote over him.

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