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PLEASE NOTE: The kitties listed below are looking for a "cushy" barn cat situation. They are not feral. They love human attention. They just don't use the litter box very well, so being an outdoor kitty is probably best for them (unless you don't care about litter box issues).

The kitties below are also listed on the "Our Cats" page, where thay are mixed-in with our other special needs cats. If you have a question please email us.

Neutered Male
11 Months
Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (FIC)

Boris is Sponsored by: Laurie Martin

SNAP Cats rescued Boris from San Francisco, CA. Feline Idiopathic Cystitis literally means an inflammation of the urinary bladder in cats of unknown origin. It's also called feline idiopathic lower urinary tract disease (FiLUTD), painful bladder syndrome (PBS) or feline urologic syndrome (FUS).

Now that that's out of the way... If you look up "kitten" in the dictionary you'll find a picture of Boris. Playful, affectionate and energetic, this boy can play play play and play some more. He does get a little over stimulated, so we need an experienced adopter to understand his body language. We think Boris will be okay with other cats. Don’t know about dogs, but Boris is very confident.

To keep Boris’ FIC from flaring up, he needs a nice, stress-free home with a urinary-specific diet and lots of love. If you’d like to meet Boris please stop by and visit. Thanks!

Neutered Male
1 Year 2 Months
Pelvic Fracture and Lame Tail

SNAP Cats rescued Cheddar from Beirut, Lebanon. Cheddar is a ball of kitten energy! In a good way. He loves to play, cuddle, play, and then, at the end of the day, sleep on your head. Okay, not “on” your head, but right up against the top of it. And Cheddar purrs up a storm before falling asleep. Cheddar needs at least one other cat about his age to keep him occupied when you’re not able to play with him. Other than walking a little crooked, Cheddar uses the litter box 100% of the time and keeps himself neat and tidy. If you’re interested in meeting Cheddar, or any of our Beirut kitties, please let us know. Thanks.

Cheddar needs a sponsor. It’s only $25/month to make sure he gets everything he wants and deserves.

Neutered Male
4 Years 6 Months

SNAP Cats rescued Marley from San Francisco, CA. Since being here at SNAP Cats Marley’s been an absolute gentleman... most of the time. He loves pets and attention, but does get overstimulated and a bit nippy sometimes. Marley gets along great with all of our other kitties, except when provoked. We've recently found out that Marley is a "protector." He makes sure that the other cats, especially the kittens, are being handled "properly" by humans; and Marley protects his interests, like food. Knowing this we've made great strides in understanding how to manage his temperament. We can talk more about this if you're interested in him.

Spayed Female
2 Years 4 Months
Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH)

Thumbelina is Sponsored by: Michael Snider

SNAP Cats rescued Thumbelina from Silicon Valley, CA. Thumbelina has very mild cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), so mild that sometimes it’s hard to tell she has it at all. She craves attention. No one can enter the room without Thumbelina rushing over to say hello and solicit pets. Of the three siblings – Thumbelina, Marvelina and Athena – Thumbelina is definitely the most outgoing. She gets along fine with other cats, but not sure about dogs. If you’re looking to adopt a special needs cat and want a low maintenance, beautiful lap kitty, Thumbelina’s the one for you! Please stop by to see her and the rest of our SNAP Cats here in our new home in Santa Rosa, CA!