All interested volunteers must attend a New Volunteer Orientation Meeting. Age requirements, qualifications, and hours for responsibilities vary and will be explained in the meeting.

If you’re interested in any of the following positions please email us.

Cat Care Technician

At SNAP Cats, you’re more than just a “cat cuddler.” You’re a trainer, therapist and care giver to cats that need more than just attention — they need your love and commitment to help them overcome the difficulties they face everyday. If you’re looking for a challenging yet very rewarding experience, SNAP Cats is your opportunity.

Foster Care Family

As a foster family you’ll provide in-home care to SNAP Cats recovering from injuries/surgeries, cats in need of socializing (in a family environment outside of our campus), and possibly bottle feeding kittens who’ve lost their mother. Foster Care Families receive all animal care supplies for SNAP Cats and can determine the types of animals they are willing to care for. Click here (MS Word) or here (pdf ) to download our Foster Care Program Information.

Facility Maintenance

As a maintenance Volunteer you’ll assist SNAP Cats staff in keeping our campus clean and organized for our cats and the public. You’ll help by assisting with laundry, washing dishes, gardening, painting, organizing storage, general cleaning and various other tasks as needed. A clean environment is essential in keeping everyone happy and healthy.

Animal Transportation

Drop off and pick up SNAP Cats from local venues (vets, mobile adoptions, events, etc.), or longer distance transfers to/from other shelters, rescues and sanctuaries.

Social Media

Help our SNAP Cats get noticed/adopted. Photograph our cats to post on our website,,, SNAP Cats Newsletters, etc; update social media web pages; advertise our animals via the Internet; and create flyers/posters to be placed around your community to publicize both our cats and campus.


As an Office Volunteer you’ll be responsible for answering phones, assisting the public, facilitating adoptions, and various other administrative tasks as needed.


If you just want to help out in any capacity, that’s great, too. Whether it’s in the office, in our cat rooms, helping to transport cats, or working on your computer, we’ll always need and appreciate your help to take care of our wonderful cats.

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