Thanks to dedicated rescuers in Fullerton, California, Blue found his way to SNAP Cats in December 2020. He arrived very underweight and highly distrustful of humans. In time, Blue recovered physically but remained aloof. He spent his time quietly sunning himself and avoiding interaction with the other cats and everyone. When I began volunteering at SNAP Cats that’s exactly where I found him, in a corner of the catio alone, keeping an eye on what was happening, and ready to run at a moment’s notice. Blue made it clear that he was not happy about my attempts to make friends but with time and treats he slowly began to trust. Always a gentleman, he would hang back and wait his turn at first. Blue grew to love attention and developed one of the best butt lifts ever. He became a lap cat who couldn’t wait to be able to get into the lap of one of his friends. I began planning for the day that he would come home, but we didn’t get the chance. In the end, Blue was my cat in every way that mattered. I will love and miss you forever my Boo.