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2 thoughts on “Sponsorship Packages

  1. We really need more people like this gentleman. I have rescued unwanted cats and dogs for over 27 years and seen them all to the rainbow bridge
    So many people only want kittens and puppies ,the older and abandoned ones need love and help even more, and give so much in return. At the moment I have 4 kitties, and one dog all rescues, they have been my life savers thru this
    Being, confined to home as I am old and have bad knees. I hope no one gives up on me the way they do on older needy pets.
    I learned how to give daily shots to animals in need, and cringedeach time I did it, but I did it and the rewards were priceless

  2. I am also an older lady with a few age related issues. My daughter is a dog/cat groomer and we have rescued and have 22 cats ranging from 14 years to 10 months old. Most of them were left or abandoned as kittens by people who no longer wanted them. About 8 we’re just 6 to 8 weeks old when found. A few were not yet a year old when we took them in. Some were between 1 or 2 years when they came. Two we adopted from Pet Smart during a “Adopt-a-Pet” weekend. We also have 6 dogs. 4 we took over the responsibility of when the owners abandoned them. One (who is def and no one knew) we adopted again from a Pet Smart and one we got as a gift from a breeder. We have a Shih-touch, 2 Pugs, a Boxer/American Bulldog Mix, a Pitbull and a Cane Corso. They all live together with us. The cats are indoor and are not allowed outside. The dogs go in and out when they want, and sleep inside at night. I never set out to become an animal rescuer, but I have always loved animals. When we tell people about our extended family, the looks we get.

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