SNAP Cats is dedicated to the rescue and care of special needs cats and kittens. We were founded in 2013 and have grown to be one of the most well respected special needs rescues/sanctuaries in the World. SNAP Cats is a non-profit organization devoted to finding loving new homes for special needs, senior, FIV+ and FeLV+ cats and kittens. Since we began, we’ve rescued and placed more than 485 (and counting!) cats and kittens into loving homes. (Tax ID: 46-2399499)

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SNAP Cats 2021 Calendar

Please support us by ordering one (or more!) 2021 SNAP Cats calendars. Click here to order. Thanks!

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Our Adoptable Cats & Kittens

To read more about our adoptable special needs cats please go to our Cats for Adoption page.

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Please donate whatever you can. Every penny will be used to help our special cats live a happy, comfortable life, whether in a new home or here at SNAP Cats. Thank you.

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Live Video

Watch our cats and kittens LIVE on our

YouTube Camera Feeds!

Whether you’re searching for your next kitty or just feeding your kitten room addiction, this live cam runs 24/7 so you won’t miss a thing.

Click here for all of our webcam set-ups.

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Lukie House

Dedicated to Leukemia-Positive Cats & Kittens

SNAP Cats is very excited to announce plans to open Lukie House, a facility dedicated to FeLV+ cats and kittens. SNAP Cats currently has a small FeLV+ habitat in our Santa Rosa facility, but with the high demand to rescue leukemia-positive cats and kittens, we’ve decided to build a separate and spacious facility to meet that demand.

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About Us


SNAP Cats is dedicated to the rescue and care of special needs cats.


Animal shelters around the world are full. The first cats to be killed are special needs, elderly and those deemed “unadoptable.” That’s unacceptable.

SNAP Cats is a unique rescue and sanctuary in Santa Rosa, CA (Sonoma County) dedicated to special needs cats. We rescue special needs cats from all around the world, house them, then find them warm, loving homes. We believe, if given time, that ALL cats can find the home that they deserve.

All of our SNAP Cats, regardless of health, age or temperament, are available for adoption or foster care. Those who are not adopted, due to age, illness or temperament, are able to live out the remainder of their natural lives here, in a peaceful, healthy, serene environment.

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