Marta (Luna) stole our hearts immediately. We went to meet a different cat, but she picked US. Marta was the most loving affectionate baby ever. She had a terrific, gentle and brave personality. Marta stole the heart of our resident cat, and within a week they were already snuggling.

Marta was my first ever animal I got to call mine. She was the best, and brought me so much joy. Even though I had Marta for such a short time, she brought me so much joy and love I could have ever asked for. One of our favorite games we played together before we went to bed each night was called “beans under the blanket” where I would move my feet under the blanket and Marta would attack them. I am so glad I was able to care for her before she got sick. I love her with all my heart and will miss her forever. Rest in Peace my sweet kitten and eat all the Churus you can! ♥️

Love your best friend, Linken