We adopted Sniffy from the Healdsburg Shelter on October 9, 2011, after an initial introduction visit a few weeks before. Sniffy wasn’t housed with the regular population, but was tucked away in Darryl Roberts’ office (who at that time was the vet tech there). Sniffy was very fearful and needed work as a “special needs” cat to be able to relate to potential adopters. Thus began our relationship with Darryl – and ultimately with SNAP Cats once founded.

Our first night with Sniffy, we learned the origin of his name. Once the house was quiet and dark, he emerged from his crate to explore. We could hear him “sniffing” loudly as he investigated his new environment. We called him by other names – Sniff, Sniffer Sniff – all related to this behavior.

Sniff had the loudest, most terrifying yowl when placed in his crate to do a vet visit. I have never experienced such a sound coming from an animal! He was long, lanky, with intense green eyes that would stare you down as he made his way to occupy your lap. He was at his cutest when sitting prairie-dog style, straight up on his haunches (so tall!) as he looked out the front screen door with curiosity. Until, of course, something would inevitably move outside and he would bolt in terror to hide. He never quite got over his fear of anyone else being in his house other than us. We couldn’t use our ceiling fan because it scared him so badly. Better to be too warm than to frighten him!

On September 27, 2018 Sniff left us for the Rainbow Bridge. Seven years of love. He left us better off for having him in our lives. Darryl was there at the beginning, and at the end. So happy that Sniff’s life is memorialized on this wall.