Spayed Female
9 years 4 months
Moody (aren’t we all?)

Cupcake is Sponsored by: Jean Nielsen

I had a human family once. After a long time of being on my own, I wandered into a feral colony feeding station. A very nice human woman took me home. I’m trying very hard to relearn manners that come with being part of a human family. I’m being praised for my accomplishments and told how great I’m doing. I’m starting to trust again. My new name is Cupcake. The kitty doctor says I’m 7 to 10 years old. I got my vaccines and had my teeth scaled and had a bath. I did not like the bath! Now that it’s over, though, I do feel very pretty. I’m happier, too, because my mouth feels better. The doctor says I’m in very good shape. When you first look at me I appear to be a black cat. But if you look closer you’ll see that I’m black with a reddish hint. And underneath my silky, beautiful long black hair I’m smoky gray. Something interesting to know about me is that I only have two toes on my back left foot, and I have little short legs. My breed is a cutie or midgie, or something like that. I need a long term foster home or forever home with someone who knows how to give me time to relax and restore my faith in humans. I’m very loving and love to rub on you. I’m ready for you to pet me now but I don’t want you to pick me up (right now). I’ll come and sit on your lap though. I love to run and play. I make noises when I see other cats, but I don’t attack them. I’m not very bothered by them. I promise to love you forever if you will love me forever.

Cupcake needs an experienced cat person for foster or adoption. She’s making great progress in becoming totally tame, but does have a snapping point when enough is enough. If you can foster or adopt Cupcake please email SNAP Cats A.S.A.P. Let’s find her a warm, comfortable, new home. Thanks.


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