Spayed Female
9 Years 7 Months

Angel is Sponsored by: Jean Nielsen

Angel is the sweetest cat ever, ever! She is very amicable to her toes being rubbed, belly being rubbed, she lays on her back in your arms. Even though starving, Angel will walk away from food to sit on a lap or be petted. She craves affection. Also, every time Angel is placed outside, she runs back in the house as fast as she can, often beating you in. If Angel does stay out, she sits outside the door waiting to come back in. This girl is done with the streets. She does not want to go back there, so likely would adjust to being an indoor cat well. Despite being spunky and playful, she would do well with toddlers. Maybe older kids, though. And she’s definitely an only cat.

Angel was rescued from the streets by Jean Nielsen. One of Jean’s cats does not get along with Angel, thus Jean needs to relocate her. If you know of anyone looking for an only cat please email us A.S.A.P. Thanks.

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