Neutered Male
2 Years 6 Months
Cerebella Hypoplasia & Microphthalmia

Bear is Sponsored by: Carolyn Mayta

SNAP Cats rescued Bear from Fresno, CA. Bear is a lover. He constantly seeks your attention, asking for scratches, especially under the chin. Bear came to SNAP Cats with two brothers, Powder and Elvis, who’ve since been adopted. So now it’s his turn to find a warm, loving home. Bear’s cerebellar hypoplasia (CH) is mild+. He mostly wiggles his rear end when moving. It’s quite cute. And his microphthalmia doesn't cause him any problems. Bear uses the litter box 100 percent of the time, and is very active with other cats. He can climb, and likes high places to sit and sleep. If you’re looking for a wonderful, loving cat, Bear’s the one for you!

If you’d like to meet Bear please stop by. He’ll be waiting for you.

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