Spayed Female
15 Years 7 Months

Bella, like so many citizens of Marin, is a lovely cat who’d like to live out her retirement in a fairly quiet home. (Older kids at least 10 years of age would be best.) Bella doesn't ask for much – a comfy bed or two, sunny window patches for snoozing, and a human lap into which she can snuggle from time to time. Ahhhh, that sounds so nice.

Although Bella has lived with another cat in her past, she has given a very clear message here at MHS is that she would like to be the one and only cat so she can be pampered and petted as the princess of your palace. Seems reasonable.

Bella has been eating kitty weight watchers while here. Please limit her calories (making sure she has a healthy diet, of course) and entice her to play with a toy or two. If you’re diligent she will find her waistline once again and look as regal as the royalty she was raised to be. Is your palace short one princess? Here she is! Marin Humane Society

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