Spayed Female
9 Years 8 Months

Black Cat (never gave her a name) appeared under our bushes near the bird feeders on a rainy January day in 2011. She was wet, cold, bedraggled and appeared to be starving. I began to feed her and over time (about a year) I gained her trust. One day, when I saw Black Cat sleeping in the sun, I approached her. She didn't respond to me. I then realized that she was deaf. Completely, totally deaf. How had she survived out there for all this time? Sometimes, still, she doesn't recognize me, until I hold my hand out and then rub her head. Along the way Black Cat discovered she very much likes to be touched, petted and brushed. I'’ve never seen her be aggressive toward anything or anyone, but she is quite capable of defending herself. My cat, Jasper, and Black Cat have a" love affair between the glass". Every morning she runs back and forth on the deck in front of several sliding glass doors. Jasper throws himself at her on the other side of doors and then they wait for each other to appear somewhere else (kind of like hide and go seek, kitty-style). Black Cat is likely incontinent (she came in the house once and peeing on the floor. It might'’ve been stress, but I don'’t know for sure). She would love to come inside again, but my house doesn't have an area that would accommodate her if she is incontinent. We'’ll be moving quite far away soon and can't take Black Cat, as much as I'd love to. So here I am, caretaker for the most gentle creature I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and in quite a quandary as to knowing what is best for her. I can't leave her as a feral cat, she'll starve (she never hunted/attacked any birds while living under the bird feeder). Black Cat cannot be introduced into a fast, multicat household as she wouldn'’t know what do to. And, I don't have the heart to put a special being down just because she's inconvenient. So, in a perfect world, hopefully there is a kind, patient person who'’d be willing in invest the time it'’ll take to reintroduce Black Cat to a new life. She'’s been spayed, but that'’s all I know of her history. She could be a barn cat if you don'’t need a hunter, just a beautiful kitty to enjoy outside. I'm quite willing to take care of all of her expenses for the remainder of her life, if we can just find that one special person who will look into her eyes and see a special being.

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