Neutered Male
3 Years 4 Months
Cerebellar Hypoplasia

Boxes is Sponsored by: Jeff Puha

SNAP Cats rescued Boxes from Napa, CA. Boxes had moderate+ cerebellar hypoplasia (CH). Unfortunately he spent most of his first nine months confined to a baby crib, so he’s way behind on his mobility, coordination and socialization. That said, in the short time that he’s been here, Boxes has shown some improvement with balance and coordination. He really just needs some time and therapy to get him caught up to where he should be (he should be moving and socializing like Attie). Personality wise, Boxes is a very sweet cat, who loves to be held and play with toys (he loves string). Because he didn’t have a feline playmate as a younger kitten, his form of playing with humans is rough play biting. We’re working very hard with him to channel that energy into accepting pets, chin rubs and playing with toys. Although Boxes is high maintenance at this point, we believe he’ll blossom into a wonderful kitty who’ll be mobile, gentle and a loving addition to your family. If you’d like to meet Boxes or any of our special kitties please stop by our new home in Santa Rosa. Thanks!

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