Spayed Female
16 Years 7 Months
Senior with Mild Dental Disease

We think Miss Celia is a southern belle. She needs to be introduced properly before she thinks it's appropriate to engage in chit chat. Celia's momma brought her up just right. She's the cutest little tabby with the fluffiest fur and the tiniest meow. Celia's got a lot of pizzazz once she gets to know you.

Celia is a sweet senior kitty with mild dental disease. She could use a teeth cleaning and this can be scheduled at no charge through our public hospital within 90 days of adoption. Celia also has had a few hairballs while on the adoption floor, which we are treating with an oral paste that helps to digest hairballs. This hairball remedy can be purchased at any pet store or veterinary hospital. Sonoma Humane


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