Neutered Male
13 Years 4 Months

Charlie is Sponsored by: Sydney and Dave Kimball

Charlie was rescued from the streets, where his diet was (obviously) very bad. As a result Charlie needed serious dental work, where most of his teeth were removed. But that doesn't slow Charlie down. He loves to eat! Charlie’s been described as a miracle cat. Although diagnosed with FIV, and living on the streets for such a long time, he’s the picture of good health and happy attitude!

Charlie loves to cuddle anytime of the day, and he nibbles your fingers to play! He wants/needs your attention a lot. Charlie's very adventurous, and loves the outdoors, but being FIV+ means that he must be on a leash or supervised in his own yard when outside. Charlie’s great with strangers, and gets along with other animals (he gets along with other cats and has been around dogs). He's very sweet and loving, and is happy sitting in your lap and purring his little life away. We cannot stress enough how happy he is to be around people!

Charlie’s mom has moved out of the country and couldn't take Charlie with her. Charlie needs someone who’ll give him the love he deserves in a warm, comfortable, loving, forever home. Are you that person?

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