Neutered Male
14 Years 3 Months

Clyde J. Beaumont is a big and very distinctive name for this kitty, but we think his regal bearing and upper-crust purr suggest that he might be a member of the aristocracy, perhaps even a member of the royal family?! Whatever the case, Clyde would love to attend the ribbon cutting for his new home, which would, of course, be your home! He's a super nice cat, very friendly and a sweetheart once he's been properly introduced. Once you meet him, you'll agree! Since Clyde's declawed he'll need to be an indoor-only kiity.

Clyde was noted to have an abnormal heart rhythm on his intake exam. X-rays were taken which revealed no abnormalities in his heart shape or size. More tests will be done in the near future. If you are interested in this handsome fellow, a staff veterinarian will be happy to discuss him further with you prior to adoption. Sonoma Humane

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