Spayed Female
12 Years 8 Months

Cupcake is Sponsored by: Jean Nielsen

Although I’m in foster care right now, I need a forever home. I like to sit by you and be pet. Sometimes I want to sit on your lap. I am a little moody or unsure of your intentions at times. When I feel this way I’m quick to give you a little slap (no claws). Rarely is the slap given seriously. I can be picked up, although my trust skills are not as developed yet in this area. I can get a bit sassy. I’m working on this one (it was my New Year's resolution). I would do best in a home with no other cats, although I do get along well with a female cat I share my current house with. I must say, dogs don't seem to bother me much as long as I know who they are. Please consider giving me a forever home. Thanks.

Cupcake needs an experienced cat person for adoption. She is making progress of becoming totally tame, but does have a snapping point when enough is enough. If you can adopt Cupcake please email SNAP Cats A.S.A.P. Let’s find her a warm, comfortable, new home. Thanks.

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