Neutered Male
3 Years 8 Months
Deformed Left Leg

Click here to see Dash in action!

Dash is Sponsored by: Joyce Omer

Dash was rescued from the horrible hoarding situation in Los Angeles, the same hoarder that we rescued our three CH cats (Pancake, Pompom and Pumpkin) from. His left leg is deformed (his radius is flexed up tight against his humerus). Dash was born this way and doesn’t know he’s any different than anyone else. He sprints everywhere he goes (thus the name “Dash”) and unless you really look hard you’d swear he had all four legs on the ground. As long his left front leg doesn’t cause any problems it won’t have to be amputated.

Dash is a kitten. And kittens love to play. With other cats. Humans. And anything that moves. Dash needs at least one kitten or cat to play with; a kitten would be better unless it’s a cat that loves to play and play and play. Dash is friendly with everyone and everything: cats, humans and probably dogs, although we haven’t tried that yet. He’s fearless. And he’s wonderful!

We can't believe Dash hasn't been adopted yet. Please share his picture and bio. Thank you.

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