Neutered Male
6 Years 8 Months

In September, for the second time in his life, Diablo was hit by a car. He presented bloody urine which quickly progressed to urination problems resulting from a previous tail pull injury. Diablo has nerve damage from the car accident which leaves him unable to urinate without help. For a couple of months, the owner expressed his bladder (which he never enjoyed). Eventually the owner decided on euthanasia. Diablo's wonderful Vet, Dr. Josephine McGrane, was not ready to give up. She wanted to give his bladder more time to heal, and see if therapy would start working. Diablo's currently living with Dr. McGrane at Valley of the Moon Veterinary Hospital. Dr. McGrane has been changing his drug protocols and has found a good, easy to give, combination that allows him to be comfortable and urinate (with help). She's also found that, if treated like a kitten, Diablo will urinate if wiped like a kitten, making expressing his bladder much easier. Dr. McGrane has also been doing laser therapy, which Diablo seems to enjoy. Living at the hospital is not a long-term choice for Diablo. He really needs a home where he can get medications twice a day and, more importantly, be a "cat." Diablo is wonderful with kids, gets along really well with dogs, and came from a family with cats.

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