Neutered Male
8 Years 8 Months

Tall, dark and handsome, Doran came to our shelter as a stray but clearly has had some very positive human relationships as he is one affectionate, friendly guy. Doran is a strong cat who likes to play with wand toys, sit on window ledges and give head bumps to any attentive humans who come by. He likes his scratching post, too! Be sure to get him a cat tree so he can stretch, scratch and show you all his panther-like moves.

A routine health exam showed that Doran had contracted the FIV virus, so he must live as an "indoor-only" cat. But, an outdoor enclosure would be a wonderful addition to Doran's new life giving him a chance to enjoy some fresh air without risking his health and safety.

Doran is a big, beautiful cat with a big personality; he will fill your home and heart with his feline charm. Marin Humane Society

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