Neutered Male
15 Years 9 Months
Missing Right Eye and All His Teeth

Gio is Sponsored by: Dee Reynolds & So Cal Bengal Rescue

SNAP Cats rescued Gio from Los Angeles, CA. His medical records say Gio's 15, but he sure doesn't look or act it! He still plays like a (big) kitten. In addition to missing his right eye, Gio had bad stomatitis, so we needed to remove all of his teeth. This doesn't seem to affect him at all. He eats kibble and well as yummy wet food. Gio was a bit aggressive with some of our other kitties, so we started him on Prozac to see if this mellows him out a bit. He'd be a wonderful only cat, or probably be fine with one other. We think it's the number of cats here that overstimulate him.

Please come by to meet Gio and all of our other special kitties. Thanks.

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