Neutered Male
15 Years 7 Months
Early Kidney Disease (Renal Failure)

Gizmo is a beautiful Snowshoe-type Siamese. He finds himself here because of landlord issues. Gizmo's on the thin side, and most likely has early onset of renal failure (kidney disease). He doesn't like prescription kidney diet, so high quality canned food is our second choice. We're giving him fluids every other day to help keep his hydration up. Gizmo's soooo nice, and he's so cool, he purrs and kneads while we're giving him fluids. His previous owner says he likes catnip, and he likes to play with an ice cube in his water bowl! We haven't introduced Gizmo to other cats yet, but will soon. Look for updates!

If you can’t adopt Gizmo, please consider fospice care. Thanks. Petaluma Animal Services

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