Spayed Female
2 Years 5 Months
Mobility Issues in Left Rear Leg

Gwen is Sponsored by: Rick Mayfeld

SNAP Cats rescued Gwen from Moreno Valley, CA. When Gwen came to SNAP Cats she had severe mobility issues in both rear legs. We took radiographs but they didn’t show any breaks, dislocations, etc, so we thought it might be a neurological issue. We put Gwen on metacam and cosequin and now she only limps on her rear left leg. The rear right leg is fine now. So, we’re hoping that it was an injury and the left rear will correct itself as well. Currently Gwen runs (better than she walks), climbs, and is very good with the other cats. And she uses the litter box 100 percent of the time.

Gwen is a little shy, but a real sweetheart, especially if you have wet food for her. She’s easy to handle and is really a low maintenance special needs kitty. We don’t know if she’ll ever get full use of her back, left leg (again), but it doesn’t prohibit her from doing anything.

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