Spayed Female
16 Years 6 Months
Senior with Hyperthyroidism, Dietary Issues and Chronic Rhinitis

Itsy Bitsy is as sweet as they come. She's a lap cat who loves to be on or near you. Itsy Bitsy even likes sleeping in bed with you! She was in a foster home with another cat and a dog. Itsy Bitsy and the dog got along great, and even took naps together. She and the other female cat tolerated each other, but weren't exactly best buds. Itsy Bitsy could live with another kitty, but it may take a little while to adjust. She has some adorable hobbies which included sitting in the empty bathtub, curiously sniffing into the bathtub while you bathe, snuggling dogs, snuggling you, and just being all around adorable! Could you open your heart to this senior gal?

Itsy Bitsy has a couple of medical conditions that a staff veterinarian will be happy to discuss with you. One is hyperthyroidism, which is easily controlled with a twice daily medication. Another issue is dietary related and is controlled with a special diet and medication. Finally, Itsy Bitsy also has some issues with chronic rhinitis, which essentially means she has a reoccurring bouts of nasal discharge. Given these are pre-existing conditions, the Sonoma HS is prepared to offer some complimentary veterinary support to encourage an interested adopter to take this sweet cat into their home. If you are interested in Itsy Bitsy, a staff veterinarian will be happy to discuss the veterinary perks that go along with her prior to adoption. Sonoma Humane

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