Spayed Female
3 Years 9 Months

Jasmine is Sponsored by: The Simon & Jojo Hall Foundation

SNAP Cats rescued Jasmine from San Diego, CA. "I rescued Jasmine in January 2016 after reading a post on Facebook about her. A guy was trying to auction her off to the highest bidder because she’s a Bengal. There was something about Jasmine’s picture, but mostly an intuitive feeling I had that she desperately needed help. I made a bid which the guy accepted. When I got Jasmine home and opened the carrier door she could barely walk. Her eyes couldn't focus, and she was incredibly gaunt. It was heartbreaking to see that Jasmine had probably spent most or all of her life in a crate! Our veterinarian ran blood and fecal tests. That’s when we learned that Jasmine is FeLV+. We re-tested her a couple months later to be certain. During the next five months we gave Jasmine a safe and quiet space to heal, including lots and lots of love. She gained weight quickly. Jasmine loved to play. It was like night and day since we rescued her. Jasmine’s eyes can focus and track now. Jasmine looks (and is) healthy. She's social and loves attention. Jasmine is so sweet! We absolutely love her! Jasmine has a wonderful personality. Unfortunately, we’re moving and our new house is much smaller. We don’t have a place for Jasmine separate from our other cats. It breaks my heart that we can’t keep her. We are so grateful that SNAP Cats has taken Jasmine and is trying to find her a safe and loving forever home." – Tracy

Jasmine is in our new SNAP Cats FeLV+ room. If you’d like to meet her please let us know and we’ll make an appointment for you. Thanks.

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