Neutered Male
14 Years
Senior with Synechia

Josh is a calm and gentle senior cat. He's been with us since March, 2014. Josh's eyes have discoloration and his right eye pupil has an odd shape. It's a condition called synechiae. He's been checked by the vet staff and his vision is okay. Recently Josh has developed arthritis, which has slowed him down a little. Josh is mellow and social with people. He comes right up and asks for attention, rubbing against your legs and purring. Josh isn't much of a "lap cat." He likes to be able to walk around and make sure things area as they should be. Josh is like a night watchman – always checking on things. He gets along with other cats, or can be an only kitty. His bags are packed, he's standing by the door, waiting to go home. Josh deserves to be treated as a special cat in a special home, loved and pampered as an indoor kitty. Sonoma County Animal Services

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