Spayed Female
48 Years 8 Months

This little tuxedo has teeny tiny little paws but a not-so-tiny attitude… she’s quite opinionated and would greatly prefer a household where she’s the only kitty. Juniper’s markings are unique: she almost looks like she only put her make-up on half of her face. But we think that just makes Juniper all the more charming! She loves to have her face scratched, and being petted is the best thing! However, she can get over-stimulated easily and would, therefore, fare better with a very cat savvy caretaker with no children in the home. Juniper also has some asthma and a chronically sensitive tummy for which she needs medications twice each day. And because she’s not cooperative, her human would need to be very experienced and skilled in administering medications. Juniper is not thriving at the shelter. They’ve tried office fosters, white cages, and setting her up in a habitat all to herself, yet in all scenarios her health continues to decline. Please help Juniper as a Fospice provider or, even better yet, provide her a forever home. Our staff veterinarian will be happy to discuss her needs with you.

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