Spayed Female
2 Years 2 Months
Club Foot Rear Leg

Kamikaz is Sponsored by: Stephanie Anne Broucaret

SNAP Cats rescued Kamikaz from Beirut, Lebanon. Although a little shy at first, Kamikaz loves to run and play like most kittens do. She's bonded with Tweetie. The two of them love to hang out and tussle with one another, so we’d like them to be adopted together. Kamikaz came to us with a club foot on her right rear leg. Since being here, though, the foot has straightened out. She still walks with a bit of a stiff leg, but we’re hoping that, over time, her mobility will return to 100 percent.

If you’d like to meet Kamikaz (and Tweetie), and/or any of our other special kitties please let us know. Thanks.

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