Spayed Female
48 Years 8 Months

We named this lovely cat with the three legs Lego – how perfect is that. Lego was found as a stray and brought to us with an injury to her leg. After some special attention by our veterinary staff, Lego is now ready to find a new family to love. She is adapting quite well to her new “tripod” status and is quickly getting the balancing act down pat. She is a social kitty who is very interested in everything that is going on around her. She’s busy, busy, busy and won’t settle down until she’s done exploring – there is so much to see! Since she only has three legs, Lego MUST be kept indoors to stay safe from cars, roving dogs and cats, and other hazards. Any children in the home should be 10+ and mature enough to understand that doors to the outside must be kept closed. Right now Lego likes playing with wand toys and chasing furry mice; she’s been cooped up for quite a while and doesn’t have a lot of patience for being held and snuggled. Give this nice girl lots of entertaining things to do and she’ll soon become your very best, special kitty.

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