Spayed Female
48 Years 8 Months

Lilly has tested positive twice for FeLV with an antigen (ELISA) test, but negative in a FeLV antigen by IFA. The positive ELISA test means that virus is present and the cat is infected, but is not actively infective. The virus may remain latent and produce illness at a later date, or the cat could clear the infection. Negative IFA means that the cat does not have infected lymphocytes and is not shedding the virus. So, in other words, she’s not contagious at this point. But constant monitoring will be required to see if the virus becomes infective or she clears the virus from her system.

Her background: The owner surrendered her because she was not getting along with his other animals. He said she was an indoor/outdoor cat, did use a litter box. She is good with people. If there is anything else you need to know, please contact the SCAC (707.565-7100).

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