Neutered Male
16 Years 8 Months
Senior with Heart Murmur

Lionheart came to us a stray. He went unclaimed so the shelter staff gave him an awesome name and he was brought up to date on his veterinary care, including: vaccines, deworming, antibiotics, blood panel and dental cleaning w/ extractions. Lionheart does have a grade 3/6 heart murmur but otherwise is normal and healthy. He’s very laid back and wants to be friends with everyone. This wonderful older gentleman is looking forward to spending his twilight years living in comfort and being spoiled silly. Lionheart needs help, though, because the kittens are coming and he is worried about being passed over (because everyone wants a kitten!). The advantage of adopting an older cat is that you don’t have to wonder what their personality will be like when they grow up (like a kitten) – we already know he is just perfect! Rohnert Park Animal Services

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