Spayed Female
14 Years 5 Months
Senior with Mobility Issues

Maggie May is Sponsored by: Loraine M

Maggie May was abandoned by her owner when she moved. She’s a senior who has a hard time walking. When Maggie May was examined by a vet it was discovered that she has severe arthritis in her back legs. She also has a skin allergy but we don’t know to what. The vet gave Maggie May an injection of antibiotics to hopefully help with the allergy. We also had her tested for FIV and FeLV and both are negative. Maggie May’s owner left her outside all the time and, we think, never fed or took care of her. However, due to the severity of her arthritis, she really needs to be an indoor-only cat. Maggie May is skittish at first, but once she begins to trust you she becomes a love bug and just wants to be petted. Even though she was terrified at the vet’s office, she was still sweet and put up with the prodding like the sweetheart she is. Maggie May deserves much better than the owner she had. If you can either foster or adopt Maggie May please let us know ASAP. Thanks!

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