Spayed Female
3 Years 6 Months
Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH)

Marvelina is Sponsored by: Michael Snider

SNAP Cats rescued Marvelina from Silicon Valley, CA. Marvelina, along with her sisters Thumbelina and Athena, has a very mild case of cerebellar hypoplasia (CH). Unless you look very close it’s hard to tell that she has it al all. She’s still a bit shy, but is making progress every day at socializing with humans. She’s fine with other cats, not sure about dogs. She climbs, jumps (a little) and gets around without any trouble at all. She has no problems with the litter box, and plays like a typical 11 month-old kitty. We’d like to see Marvelina adopted with one of her siblings (especially Athena), but it’s not necessary. But she definitely enjoys the company of other cats so she’ll need a playmate regardless. Please come out to SNAP Cats to meet Marvelina and the other kitties at our new facility. Thanks!

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