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Seniors: Max has Hyperthyroid and Grade 1-2/6 Heart Murmur

Max (bottom) was brought to the shelter with his 13 year-old dilute tortie sister, Peanut (top), after their owner passed away. These seniors used live with a single older woman in a quiet home. Both cats are a bit shy (Max more so than Peanut) and have had a hard time adjusting to shelter life. The good news is that the owner left some money for their care. Not an ongoing trust, but there is money to help pay for any medical issues. Specifics of the amount would need to be discussed with the attorney handling the trust.

Both cats had blood panels done because of their age. Peanut’s blood panel results were normal and we performed a dental cleaning on her. Max’s blood panel revealed that he’s hyperthyroid and will need inexpensive medication to control this condition. He also has a Grade 1-2/6 heart murmur.

We’d like to see both of these seniors either adopted together or go in fospice together. Please consider opening your heart and your home to these two sweeties! Please call or email us to discuss options. Rohnert Park Animal Services

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