Spayed Female
18 Years 7 Months

Ms. Minnie Mouse came to us as a stray, so we don’t know too much about her. Judging by her teeth and eyes we put her at about 15 years-old. What we do know is that Minnie’s very personable, loves being pet, and loves human contact. Her coat is shiny and silky smooth, so she must’ve been well taken care of before becoming a stray. Bloodwork has been done and Minnie's numbers look great. She’s FeLV and FIV negative, and has had some minor dental work and cleaning done. Minnie Mouse is fine with other cats (with proper introduction), but we don’t know about dogs.

We’re looking for Fospice Care for Ms. Mouse. All her living expenses (food, litter, vet check-ups, vaccines) will be covered by SNAP Cats. If you have space for Minnie please let us know A.S.A.P. This senior will make a wonderful and beautiful addition to your family! Rohnert Park Animal Shelter

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