Spayed Female
13 Years 3 Months
Deaf and has Equilibrium Issues

Monkey has a heart of gold. She’s loves meeting new people. Monkey’s social and friendly with other cats and even dogs as long as they are not aggressive towards her. At her age, her health doesn’t equal her great spirit. Along with being deaf, she struggles with her equilibrium. Monkey will follow you loyally around the house, however she’lI occasionally get confused and bump into a wall. She is challenged by nasal congestion and coughs two to three times annually, but clears up quickly with antibiotics . Monkey’s looking for someone with a caring and tending spirit who wants to care for her in exchange for her friendly companionship, love and devotion.

Monkey (and her five brothers and sisters) are looking for a new home. Their dad passed away recently and they need to find something fast. If you're interested in Monkey or one of her brothers/sisters please email SNAP Cats A.S.A.P. Thanks.

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