Neutered Male
48 Years 8 Months

These kittens grew up in foster care. All are FIV+. Very unusual case: Mom and six newborn kittens were transferred from SCACC into our foster program. Mama cat became very ill as the kittens got weaned; we thought she was just weak from having such a large litter and did supportive care (SQ fluids and antibiotics) on a regular basis. She was worsening despite our efforts so it occurred to us to re-test her for FIV/FelV (she tested Neg/Neg at SCACC) and to our surprise she tested POSITIVE for FIV. The only humane thing we could do was euthanize her since she was declining very rapidly despite treatment. Two of her kittens tested negative and were adopted out; the other four have tested FIV+ several times over the past few months (we were hoping it would “clear”). We’ve surmised that she was most likely infected by the Tom cat during conception as she had no potential exposure post-queening. There’s next to no information about kittens infected with FIV as neonates so we don’t even know what kind of prognosis to give them short or long-term.

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