Spayed Female
5 Years 9 Months
Seeking Short-to-Long-Term Foster Care

Prema and Alo are purebred Bengals, sisters from the same litter. They were adopted a year ago from a rescue shelter. Prema and Alo survived a horrific first year of life, including an inhumane breeding environment. Their current mom has spent the past year loving them and making them feel safe. Prema and Alo love to play, run and wrestle with one another. They keep each other occupied for hours!

Prema is the larger of the two. Her name means “love” in Bengali. Prema is more apt to sitting and snuggling with someone once she feels comfortable with that person. Alo is a tiny little cat! Her name means “light” in Bengali. She’s incredibly playful, loves to be pet, but doesn't sit still for long! Both are spayed, litter box trained, up-to-date on vaccines, FIV/FeLV negative, and need to be fostered together as indoor-only cats.

We’re looking for short-to-long-term foster care for Prema and Alo, from one month to one+ years. Their mom is experiencing an unexpected hardship, and is currently seeking a new, safe home for them all. If you can help please email us. Thank you.

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