Neutered Male
2 Years 1 Month
Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH)

Rusty is Sponsored by: Mary Green

SNAP Cats rescued Rusty (and his brother, Rowdy) from Solano, CA. Like his brother, Rowdy, Rusty is a ball of energy. Hey, he’s a kitten! Rusty and Rowdy have moderate to severe cerebellar hypoplasia (CH). Rusty is still learning to balance and walk. He’s learning how to move a bit slower to stay on his feet. But, when needed or wanted, Rusty has shown us that running full speed is in his wheelhouse as well. Rusty loves to be held and loves attention. He’s the kitten that everyone thinks a kitten should be.

Rusty needs a kitten playmate so he can continue to develop his social skills. So please keep that in mind. If you’re interested in adopting Rusty please fill out an adoption application. If you’d like to meet Rusty please stop by SNAP Cats. He’ll be waiting for you!

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