Spayed Female
14 Years 10 Months
Senior in Renal Failure

Sassy is a stunningly beautiful, sweet senior kitty. She's a special girl to us; she is part of our family, adopted out to a loving home who have recently had a baby, lots of activity, and a very busy household. They thought Sassy was stressed by all the activity, but what we have discovered with her is that she has developed kidney disease (renal failure). This is a common condition in geriatric cats. What Sassy needs is supportive care in the form of high quality senior canned food and fluids to help keep her hydrated, a soft bed to call her own, and someone to love her for the rest of her life. All she knows is that she's back at the shelter! Animals live in the moment. Sassy knows comfort and love, and that's all we are looking for – to have her live her life out on someone's couch, not in our shelter. Please come visit Sassy and ask for more information! Petaluma Animal Services

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