Neutered Male
10 Years 1 Month

Sly is Sponsored by: Rick Maifeld

Sly was rescued from Petaluma, CA. Sly was one on my special needs cats when I was Vet Tech at the (old) Healdsburg Shelter. He was adopted, but the living situation (over time) just didn’t work out, due to an alpha cat and a dog in the home. So Sly’s mom asked if I (SNAP Cats) could take him. And, or course, we/I said yes!

Sly had a lot of issues in his mouth when he was with me at the shelter. We removed bi-lateral sublingual tumors from under his tongue (three times because they grew back), treated him for gingivitis, and extracted many bad teeth. Eventually Sly had all of his teeth extracted and that cured all of his problems. Sly’s now pain free, in great shape, and loves his wet food treats!

Sly is a wonderful, loving, attention-seeking cat that deserves a nice, quiet home without much noise or disruption. He loves head butts, rubbing up against you and chin scratches. And, because Sly has no teeth, he cannot transmit FIV to other cats. Can you give Sly the home that he truly deserves? Thanks!

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