Spayed Female
15 Years 5 Months
Blind in Left Eye and Hyperthyroid

Snowy is Sponsored by: The Simon & Jojo Hall Foundation

SNAP Cats rescued Snowy from Orange County, CA. Snowy laid half-dead on a busy Orange County street, barely dodging cars as they sped by. A heroic young woman, Erika, stopped traffic, scooped Snowy up and took her immediately to a vet where they did very little to help her condition. So Erika got in touch with Michelle, who coordinates Pilots N Paws emergency flights. Michelle emailed us. And Snowy was on her way to SNAP Cats.

On the way from Charles Schulz (Santa Rosa) Airport, Snowy stopped moving. We resuscitated her and got her to SNAP Cats as fast as we could. Gave her fluids, syringe fed her high-calorie food, and gave her around-the-clock attention. Snowy’s bloodwork showed anemia, chronic renal failure, hyperthyroid, and liver disease. We went to work to give Snowy a fighting chance. Her recovery was a roller coaster ride, but today Snowy is healthy and happy. We solved all of her issues except hyperthyroid, which is a simple two pills a day that she takes extremely well.

We don’t know how long Snowy’s new life will last. We do know that she’s a wonderful, loving kitty appreciative of attention and love. Snowy's left eye will be removed after she gains a little weight. And she will receive a dental at the same time. Snowy’s not great with other cats, but she’s not aggressive if confronted. And she does have a slight nipping problem when being pet, but we’re making progress on modifying that. If you’d like to give Snowy a warm, comfortable home until it’s her time please let us know. She deserves nothing but the best considering how far she’s come.

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