Spayed Female
16 Years 4 Months
Senior with Severe Vaccine Reaction

Not sure exactly what color cat you're most attracted to? No problem! Socks is your girl! This beautiful senior kitty has an orange tabby tail, tuxedo toes, tabby and tortie body and the sweetest little face. Socks is happy to greet you when you come home for the day, with gentle but persistent head butts and a great little purr. She loves laps and pets, and is going to love you. What more could you ask for? Socks is the complete package! Socks came to us with a history of having had a severe vaccine reaction to a few of her previous vaccines. For this reason, we recommend your veterinarian review her medical records carefully and be made aware of her history of vaccine reactions so that they can determine the appropriate future vaccination protocols. If you have any questions, a staff veterinarian will be happy to discuss them with you prior to adoption. Sonoma Humane

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