Spayed Female
4 Years 5 Months
Incontinent and Neurological Spinal Damage. Back legs are not fully functional.

Squeek is incredibly sweet, gentle, playful kitten that's full of life. However she has spinal nerve damage and can't use her back legs very well, and is incontinant. That said, Squeek is an amazing kitten! Just today she napped on me after a warm bath, nuzzled my neck and played with a tennis ball while we laughed (with her, of course!).

Squeek needs to be in an experienced home where someone can be with her a lot and attend to her very special needs. If you can adopt Squeek please email SNAP Cats A.S.A.P. Thanks.

PLEASE NOTE: SNAP Cats will pay for her spay and administer her series of two more booster shots, and provide any meds she needs for the first year.

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