Spayed Female
14 Years 3 Months

Don't let Suzy's "grumpy" appearance fool you. This lovely cat is sweet and gentle. She's also a bit on the reserved side, so it's best to let Suzy come to you in her own time and let the love fest begin once she gets to know you. One possible reason for Suzy's reticent nature is that her guardian recently passed away and now Suzy is adjusting to this sad change living in a shelter. A nice shelter, to be sure, but a shelter nevertheless. No doubt Suzy still misses her person and is hoping to find her new love very soon.

Suzy is an active, curious kitty who likes lap cuddles, wand toys and grooming sessions. She has won the hearts of the Cat Pet Pals and she plans to win yours too. Ask to meet her!

When you bring Suzy home, give her a small room of her own to help her settle into your routine. Give her a bed, litter box, food, water and your company as often as you can manage. She is very affectionate so she will be pleased to see you. Let her explore more of your home a bit at a time, giving her the option to return to her home base and litter box. Cats don't like changes in their personal routine, so a little change at a time works best.

Suzy is a very special cat with a very special charm. She hopes you'll think so too! Marin Humane Society

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