Spayed Female
4 Years 6 Months
Cleft Lip/Very Shy

Teddy is Sponsored by: Leigh Behrens

SNAP Cats rescued Teddy from a feral colony where he, er, she was trapped due to a cleft palate and lip. We were told that Teddy was a "he" but once we saw the dilute calico ears, we knew Teddy was a she. But she knew her name, so we kept it.

With help from our wonderful donors, SNAP Cats fixed Teddy's cleft palate in a series of three surgeries starting on October 15, 2014. Her cleft lip kept opening due to a lack of enough skin, so we’ve postponed her lip surgery indefinitely. It’s merely a cosmetic surgery for Teddy now, as the cleft lip doesn’t cause her any problems.

At first, teddy was very, very shy. She startled at every little noise, and basically was being considered a barn cat. As time progressed, though, Teddy was making great progress. Then, for some unknown reason, Teddy regressed back to her feral colony disposition. She hides now most of the time and cannot be approached or held at all.

So we’re looking for a nice, quiet home for Teddy to possibly come out of her shell (again). She may come around. But we can’t guarantee that. Teddy may always be semi-feral. But that shouldn't stop her from becoming an indoor kitty. Teddy just needs some time to acclimate. She needs a human that'll give her the time to adjust, has a quiet household, with no kids, and has a companion cat to help her socialize.

To see Teddy's before and after pictures from her surgery click here.

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