Neutered Male
48 Years 8 Months

White Shoes, and most of his litter mates, survived a house fire in 2007. He has burned ear tips as a result. But those are the only scars from the incident. White Shoes is extremely affectionate, and loves to butt his head against you, and loves to sleep on your lap.

A few years ago, White Shoes became extremely constipated, which required vet help. He was diagnosed with Megacolon. White Shoes is now on a lifetime medical regimen of Cisipride (a gastroprokinetic agent), Lactulose (used for chronic constipation), and Prescription High-Fiber Diet food. If kept on this regimen, you’d never know anything’s wrong with him. White Shoes is healthy, and uses the litter box with no accidents.

White Shoes needs a home with a very patient family, as he takes a lot time to acclimate both to his new environment and other cats. And he needs a home that has a budget for his medical and prescription food needs (the cost is about $3 a day). It would be best to keep White Shoes inside and, most importantly, give him lots and lots of love.

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