Neutered Male
1 Year 2 Months
Visually Impaired

Tommy is Sponsored by: Margaret Loftus

SNAP Cats rescued Tommy from Dubai, UAE. Tommy is the quintessential lap cat – loves napping in your lap, LOVES attention and loves hugging you around the neck while rubbing his face against yours. Tommy’s also the quintessential “I’m too smart for my own good” kitten as well. He knows how to open doors and find his way wherever he wants to go. As long as you know this it’s controllable. Recently Tommy’s FAVE thing is walking outside on a leash (with harness). He’s very good on a leash, so this would have to be a part of his future to keep him happy. We’d love to see Tommy be adopted with his sister, Bimba, but it’s not necessary. Tommy will need at least one other kitty to play and run with. Please make an appointment to meet Tommy and the rest of our special kitties!

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